Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's coming along

Much has changed since the last time I posted. Business interests have changed, schedule has changed and the book is changing, growing, evolving. All is exciting and I'm excited about finishing the book and began the blessings of promoting it. I'm a little sad though because my good friend and his wife will be leaving for 18 months on a mission with their church, good for them, sad for me as I will miss them.

We're close to finishing the book and I'll keep you posted.

Friday, July 25, 2008

First Carole had to meet herself.......

and the journey began....

The summer of 2007 will be one of stepping out, taking a chance, receiving a dream, going for IT. With the vision of studing personal development books in a small group setting I shared this with the director of a local Chamber of Commerce. She shared back that she just had the same conversation with another chambe member of which I knew, Randy. With one phone call we were under way. Moving forward with caution, while seeking resources that might help give the vision shape before it's actual launch Carole and Randy begin meeting regularly to discuss what the group might look like and who they might invite to join them.
After a training provided through the chamber one day Carole had the idea to invite the presentor to join them....I took action on the thought and simply asked if he might be interested in such a group.
Although Allan was simply asked to consider the proposal, he knew it was exactly what he was looking for and almost gave a "yes" right there on the spot. Allan also knew Randy and held him in high regard. Thus the group formed and the vision began to evolve.
Before they could really get going they first, with the help of Allan's experience had to determine if they could work together, compliment each other for the common vision. Using the resources and techniques Allan had they soon discovered they were a team, similar, but different, each with their own strengths.